If you want to post or edit a volunteer event or need that you are organizing, this page will show you how. If you just want to participate as a volunteer you can visit our volunteer needs page.

Note: we use the term “volunteer need” to refer to an event, opportunity, activity, etc.

To Get Started, You’ll Need:

  1. A user account
  2. An organization (who organizes the volunteer need)

If you’ve already posted volunteer needs with us in the past you should already have an account and be part of an organization.

If not, it’s easy to create both. Just follow the same directions below and create and account and organization when prompted.

Need help? Just email us at volunteer at kanuhawaii.org

How to Post or Edit a Volunteer Need

1. Click My Account in top menu bar

2. Login to your account or create a new one

3. Click “My Volunteer Needs” on left sidebar

4. If you have existing events, they will appear below. To edit those, click “edit.” You can also click existing needs or organizations to view them as a potential volunteer would.

5. Click “Create Need” to create a new need.

6. *Select your organization from the drop down or create a new organization

7. Follow the prompts to create your need. (See more details in FAQ’s below)

8. Click “submit” to finish.

1. Click My Account on top right navigation bar

2. Login or create a new account

3. Click My Organizations in left hand sidebar

4. Click Create Organization on left hand side

5. Click “submit”

*New organizations typically take 2-3 business days to approve. Once approved you can publish new needs immediately.

The organization admin (the person who manages it on Kanu) can add new users via the steps below.

1. Click My Account on top right navigation bar

2. Login or create a new account

3. Click My Organizations in left hand sidebar

click on my organizations

4. Click “edit” on right hand side of the organization

5. Scroll down and click “add secondary user.” You can also add a 3rd, if necessary. Input contact info.

6. Click “submit.”

You can create a new organization in a couple minutes. We typically approve new organizations within 2-3 business days.

When prompted for “Initiative” check the box for “Volunteer Month Hawaii 2023.” There are other iniatives here as well. Only use this if your event is actively a part of these initiatives.

If you’re organization has already been approved your need will be published live immediately. If you’re organization is not approved yet it’ll be published live as soon as your organization is approved, which usually takes 2-3 business days from creation.

Feel free to send us an email and we’ll do our best to reply within a couple days.