Maui Flight Relief

UPDATE: March 28, 2024
We are currently processing received request for support that will likely zero out the miles we have available. We appreciate Alaska Airlines and their Members for donating miles to support the residents of Lahaina. If more miles become available in the future we will post a notice to our Instagram page (@kanuhawaii) and let folks in our Maui Fire Response Network know. Follow us on IG to be kept aware of any future opportunities.


UPDATE: March 7, 2024
Alaska Airlines just provided and additional 4.8 million new miles to support residents of Lahaina. Please complete the form below to share your need with us. You may need to provide proof of Lahaina residency to be considered.


UPDATE: December 29, 2023:
Alaska Airlines will be releasing additional miles soon to support fire impacted residents of Maui. We will not begin processing requests until we receive the actual miles from Alaska Airlines but we wanted to allow people to share their need with us now so we’re ready to process requests once the miles become available so please use the form below to share your interest in this program.


UPDATE: November 27, 2023:
Alaska Airlines has reopened the ability for their members to donate additional miles through the end of 2023. We hope to be offer more miles to those Maui residents directly impacted by the fires sometime in January. For more information visit the link below:

Donate your frequent flyer miles for a great cause – Alaska Airlines


From November 26, 2023 and earlier:
All donated miles have been awarded (no are miles left).

This flight program was supported by donated miles from Alaska Airlines and their Mileage Plan Members. Combined, they provided over 27 million miles to support fire impacted Maui residents.

To date, over 350 individuals have requested the ability to book flights for themselves and their family members during the the months of August, September and October.

Mahalo to Alaska Airlines and their Mileage Plan Members for their generosity and support for the impacted residents of Maui.