Kanu means to plant; to put into the ground and cover.

 For 10 years now we have been planting. While we have had many successes during that time, as a local community we still are not seeing the sustained level of change necessary to ensure the abundant future we all know is possible.

Could our current state be less about the quality of the ideas and more about the health of the ecosystem we are placing them in – environments that don’t support them to flourish on their own? What can we change about our approach so our efforts will not only be sustained, but will truly take root and grow vigorously beyond our initial investment of time and resources?

To answer this, Kanu Hawaii looks inward for change and will do so by reorienting our approach to creating fertile soil into which we kanu. The act of planting alone will not ensure success, we must be aware of and cultivate the environment into which we are making our investments. Growing our community connections and practice of aloha and doing so in a way that is institutionalized in our systems and structures. If this resonates with you then let’s see how we can partner to not just move where the needle points, but let’s evolve where the needle points from. 

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