Daniel Leuck

Joined Kanu Hawaii Mar 2, 2008
Hometown: Downtown, HI
Software Guy, Lemur Wrangler

About me

My wife and I run Ikayzo, do a lot of hiking, and generally cause trouble around the islands. I have technical management experience in the US, Japan, Russia, and the UK. As a technologist I serve on numerous standards boards and organizations including the groups standardizing the Java language and platform, Java Modules, Scientific Units, and the Swing Application Framework. I am active in the Java and .NET open source communities and give lectures at local universities and computer groups on software architecture and UI design.

My company does Java, Ruby, Flex and C# development, localization (specializing in Japan, Korea and China), and software system auditing. Our customers include Bank of America, Oracle and ValueCommerce.

Oh - and I really, really like lemurs.

Why I love Hawaii

I scarcely know where to start. I love the people, the diversity, the fantastic hiking, the ocean and simple things like the way the air smells of plumeria. Every day I go to work in Manoa I stare at the mountains and feel thankful I have the privilege of living in a place of such indescribable beauty.

My interests

music, hiking, technology, theology, linguistics, politics, open source programming, lemurs, lemurs, lemurs

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