Alina Rhoades

Joined Kanu Hawaii Oct 20, 2011
Hometown: Haiku, HI
College Student

About me

I attend UHMC full time as a Sustainability Science Management major. Two months ago I started a garden next to the Makawao Union Church with some friends. We hope to turn it into a community garden.

Several years ago, I owned a plant nursery in S.E. Texas. We grew a wide range of plants from natives to ornamentals, tropicals, vegetables, fruit trees and more.

There are few things I love more than gardening and growing things. I am committed to reducing my impact on the planet and to living as sustainably and simply as possible.

Why I love Hawaii

Maui is the first place I have lived where I feel like I am home. There are so many like minded people here who really care. I hope to encourage the trend to sustainability and be part of the process of becoming food and energy sovereign.

My interests

Lately I have spent more time on school and gardening but I also love dancing, photography and painting.

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