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Our primary project focuses on the restoration of Keau’ohana State Forest Reserve, the largest and most intact native lowland rainforest remaining (<1,000ft) in Hawai’i State. Of five State Forest Reserves set aside for conservation in 1903, Keau’ohana is the only Puna reserve in which the original forest composition has not been replaced by invasive species due to lack of management. Since June of 2014, Keau’ohana has undergone an intensive restoration process that has focused on the control of invasive plant species, and the planting of native species on ~30 acres of the most biodiverse portion of the reserve.

Keau’ohana rainforest is also a living classroom for many local and international volunteer students, community groups and individuals to learn about native forest restoration, and about general Hawai’i plant issues and solutions. HER participation in community outreach events, public presentations in schools and with community groups also educate people on how they could help support the lowland environment by making wise plant choices for sustainable living in their own lives.

Who We Are

Hawai’i Environmental Restoration (HER), our 501(c)(3) was established in January of 2019 following 5 years of service under the umbrella of Malama O Puna nonprofit based in Pahoa. Our mission is to preserve Hawaii’s unique cultural and biological resources through environmental restoration and through education. The spiritual mission of our organization is to inspire people in developing a deeper connection to the earth, and to observe a sacred rapport with the land here in Hawai’i; one that honors its native people, perpetuates the Hawaiian culture, and protects the original plant communities of this land.


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