Going Home Hawaii

What We Do

GHH members offer solutions and support for one another as providers, legislators, volunteers and concerned citizens who would like to create safer communities. It is through this collaborative effort that GHH has been and continues to be so successful.

Who We Are

Going Home Hawai’i (GHH) is the name given to efforts on the Big Island to reintegrate justice-involved individuals into the community and the workforce. GHH consists of over 50 public and private entities and their representatives with an island-wide network of nearly 500 members. GHH also has members throughout the State of Hawai’i and members residing in other states who are interested in getting involved to learn about providing more cost-effective, innovative programs to decrease overcrowding in jails and prisons nationwide; while simultaneously offering reintegrating inmates various opportunities to become contributing members of society.

Cause Areas

Housing & Homelessness, Social Services

Going Home Hawaii

Volunteer Opportunities

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