What We Do

KAʻEHU provides community cultural and STEM educational classes.  These include workshops and training in:

Hawaiian Arts & Crafts – lauhala and coconut weaving, and kapa making.

Hawaiian Culture – ʻoli (traditional chant), mele (music), History of Kaʻehu, History of Maui, mālama ʻāina (care for the land), mālama wai a me kai (care for the stream and ocean), Ahupuaʻa Stewardship practices.

STEM – Marine Biology, Archaeology, data collection, water quality testing, sedimentation study, natural resource management.

Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund provides workshops in plastic marine debris removal, turtle and monk seal nesting, climate change, and protecting our oceans.

KAʻEHU provides opportunities for community members and eco-volunteers to participate in monthly and weekend activities to help Mālama ʻĀina and Mālama Kai/Wai.  This includes taro patch restoration, stream bank reinforcements, planting native plants, removing invasive species, removal of plastic marine debris, and much more.


Who We Are

KAʻEHU is a nonprofit organization with the goal to restore the land and perpetuate traditional Hawaiian culture using a community-based, inclusive, family-oriented approach to environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture. 

1)Promote the conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of the land area and natural resources at Kaʻehu Bay
2)Utilize the land and natural resources, in conjunction with other agencies and cultural organizations to promote, preserve and perpetuate traditional Hawaiian cultural activities.

Cause Areas

Keiki, Kupuna, Special Needs, Gender & Equality, Environmental Conservation, Cultural Preservation, Education & Training, Community Engagement, Non Profit Support

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