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What We Do

KKCR FM, Kaua‘i Community Radio is a volunteer powered, listener supported radio station. Part of our mission is to preserve, perpetuate and celebrate Hawaiian culture. The success of our commercial-free, listener supported, volunteer powered, grassroots, nonprofit 501(c)(3) community radio station is dependent on support from volunteers. The station actively seeks volunteers to enhance and diversify its on-air programming, including social, political, musical and cultural affairs; as well as volunteers to help at KKCR events and to keep the station organized and clean.

Anyone interested is welcome to contact KKCR to learn more about dj training and station policies, including codes of conduct and federal FCC guidelines.

The first step is completing our Volunteer Application. KKCR is committed to providing a welcoming, safe, supportive and respectful environment for all volunteers, staff and visitors.

Becoming a dj at KKCR takes commitment and training. Those who have fulfilled all the requirements are eligible to fill open slots when they become available. Although there may not be program slots available, inevitably things shift and change and slots eventually become available. Preference is often given to programming that is not yet represented on the KKCR airwaves.

There’s more to do for KKCR than being on the air! We are always looking for good-hearted people to tend to the needs of the station! Currently we are populating our vast Hawaiian music archive and we need people to digitize rare music.

We look forward to meeting you!

Who We Are

KKCR has been broadcasting on Kaua‘i since 1997. Becoming a part of the KKCR ‘Ohana is joining an eclectic mix of over 100 volunteers who do everything from taking out the rubbish, answering phones, cleaning the studio, organizing the music library, as well as producing music and talk shows. Volunteering at KKCR is a cooperative effort where everyone plays a part, on and off the air.

Cause Areas

Cultural Preservation, Preparedness & Response, Education & Training, Civics & Politics, Human Rights, Community Engagement, Technology & Modernization, Non Profit Support

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  • Nonprofit


KKCR Kaua’i Community Radio

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