Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary

What We Do

We are a multi-generational family operated purpose project that was inspired by Norman Bezona in 1982 when his vision to create a living classroom was birthed. Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary located on Hawai’i Island, is a tropical montane seasonally dry cloud forest – very rare and unlike rainforests. A convenient 15-minute drive up the mountain from the Kona airport, our programs demonstrate that intentional reforestation can be achieved in one lifetime. What was once part of Hawai’i’s largest and oldest ranches, the sanctuary has been transformed into a restored cloud forest, abundant with a rich array of native and non-native plant life thriving harmoniously. Some towering canopy trees, reaching over 100 feet, showcase the impressive reforestation achieved in less than four decades.

We have been offering educational tours, classes and workshops for nearly 40 years. This family legacy along with our mission is to elevate connection, awareness, restoration, and preservation of forest ecosystems! We aim to safeguard our planet and promote healthy lives. Our tours and other forest experiences are carefully designed to engage participants in immersive learning in a living classroom environment, covering topics such as biodiversity, conservation, sustainable practices, and the significance of forests combating climate change and human impact.

We invite all organizations in support of keiki programs to reach out to us and learn more – www.konacloudforest.com

We are also on instagram @konacloudforestsanctuary

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of mostly family members –

Diane Bezona-McWhirter, Owner and Partner Relations Director

Drew McWhirter, Owner and Operations

Brooke Olenski, Owner and Creative Director

Norman Bezona, Advisor and Horticulture Expert – University of Hawaii Tropical Agriculture and HR Emeritus (Previous Professor)

Ricci Bezona, Member and Botanical Consultant

We also have experienced tour guides and partners that run themed programs


Cause Areas

Keiki, Health & Wellness, Environmental Conservation, Education & Training, Community Engagement, Non Profit Support

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Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary

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