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Mālama Maui Nui is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate, inspire and empower residents and visitors alike to nurture the environment in support of Maui Nui’s ecosystems, economy, quality of life and unique Hawaiian culture. The commitment to mālama our islands is central to MMN’s mission since its inception in 1991. We envision a community that exponentially multiplies its efforts by working together, ensuring Maui Nui’s future generations will be afforded the same opportunity to thrive in this safe, beautiful, and ecologically-rich environment.MMN is one of more than 600 affiliates of Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s leading nonprofit that brings people together to build and sustain vibrant communities.​The work we do directly improves the quality of life for residents and enhances the beauty of our communities for visitors. By working together we can achieve our common goals for a healthier environment and reinforce the pride and responsibility we all share to mālama ‘āina. The environmental health of our community affect all residents, visitors, and businesses in Maui County, and anyone can become the solution.It is our mission to provide correct information about how to live in a sustainable manner, and to empower all members of our community to act responsibly for the environment.

Who We Are

Please visit https://www.malamamauinui.org/volunteer.htmland contact Volunteer@MMNui.org

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Environmental Conservation, Cultural Preservation, Community Engagement, Non Profit Support

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