Participate in a Phone Tree & Call Someone Who Needs Support

IMPACT – Why should you invest your time in this service project?

Prior to Covid-19 Quarantine, we all had direct access to family and friends whether we chose to utilize that freedom or not. When quarantine hit, we lost that access, particularly to those that may have truly relied on that physical relationship, such as the elderly, and underprivileged youth. For example, some elderly already suffered from limited mobility prior to Covid and relied on visits from family and friends to keep their spirits up and brighten up their days. Additionally, kids all over the country participating in groups such as, the Boys and Girls Club, depend on these social offerings for guidance and warmth. So now that physical contact is limited, it’s even more important to utilize the marvels of modern technology and participate in phone trees to keep humanity alive. Applications such as, Zoom, even offer video conferencing technology, so you can have a group call if you’d like. With people unable to leave their homes, it is vital to keep communication going. Even trading news reports from various parts of the country can keep people’s minds at ease.


Contact elderly homes to inquire about wellness phones calls or pen pal availability.

Make a list of 10 kupuna you know and contact them to see how they are doing.

Host a group video call with the extended members of your family.


Phone-A-Friend (Catholic Charities) – The Phone-A-Friend project provides regularly scheduled calls for seniors who live alone or are socially isolated and have little or no contact with people outside their home. It is targeted for those age 65 and older and lower income, but during this time of COVID-19., we are being flexible on eligibility in order to serve seniors who may be affected by the need to self isolate.

Resources & Examples

Utilize Zoom, Skype or Facetime to have video chat with two or more friends.

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