Support Local Farmers by Purchasing Locally Grown Produce

IMPACT – Why should you invest your time in this service project?

Hawai‘i currently imports the majority of its food, fertilizers, energy, and seeds, leaving the islands particularly vulnerable to economic disruptions, fuel price fluctuations, catastrophic natural disasters, water scarcity, and other climate- related events. Increasing Hawai‘i’s capacity to produce and sell local food will help reduce Hawai‘i’s vulnerability to these external pressures.

A sustainable food system in Hawai‘i can support both traditional farming practices while creating new economic models for marketable products.

Local food production is on a downward trend. This trend may be attributed to environmental factors such as soil conditions, drought, and natural and man-made disasters. Other factors include the availability of farm and labor workers, land for farming, and associated costs of water and electricity (to pump the water).

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