Sign an environmental petition or pledge

IMPACT – Why should you invest your time in this service project?

When you sign a petition, you join a community united for good. Your signature conveys your support for the environmental issues that plague us today and help bring awareness to them.


Want to make your own petition? These sites help you make them!

How to Creat a Winning Petition Campaign 

Create a Petition
Start Your Petition

Other ways to support are to help get the word out to your community by sending your petitions and existing petitions out on social media platforms! Post a photo supporting the end of climate change and add the link to the petition in your comment section. Make sure to add #spreadthealoha!!

Resources & Examples

Here are some places to sign petitions:

Care2 Environment Petitions 

Start/Browse Petitions – 
Environmental Protection Petitions 

Sign the pledge: Stand with Climate Action

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