Take a Trip – Online

IMPACT – Why should you invest your time in this project?

According to the Eden Alternative’s Dr. Bill Thomas, most suffering among older adults is the result of loneliness, boredom and isolation. The Covid 19 pandemic puts all three of these front and center for people of all ages – especially for those without family in the home. Participating in a virtual trip can help ease boredom and surround us with beauty.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a vacation right about now? The excitement of visiting a new destination and learning new things may not be possible right now, or is it? Take a virtual tour and enjoy the distraction and benefits for the mind, body and soul. The tours, some of which are interactive are fun, interesting and educational. They’ll make you smile, laugh, and be in awe of this wonderful world we live in. You need only take one virtual tour to fulfill the requirement of this square however we think it will be hard not to take more!

Resources & Examples


Volcanoes National Park’s Thurston Lava Tube (interactive) 

Iolani Palace

Shangri La


New York City from the Empire State Building

Five National Parks


Sydney, Australia

Stonehendge, England

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