Enter Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s #antisocialcleanup challenge on Instagram

IMPACT – Why should you invest your time in this service project?

For many years now, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii has been sharing the message that clean beaches start at home. Since many of us are confined to our homes right now, share what you are doing to clean up the planet through proactive choices.


– Be creative! Reuse/repurpose items in your home like old jars or spice containers for storage or repotting plants
– Make a compost
– Create art with items you would normally throw away


@Sustainablecoastlineshawaii #Antisocialcleanup Instagram Challenge

How to enter:
1. Take a picture or video of your own #Antisocialcleanup

2. Share on your Instagram or Facebook

3. Tag @sustainablecoastlineshawaii and @kanuhawaii and use hashtags #antisocialcleanup #volunteerweekhawaii #respondwithaloha

Resources & Examples

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii: Facebook & Instagram

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