Learn the story and history of your home and community

IMPACT – Why should you invest your time in this service project?

Learning the history of your home teaches us Aloha ‘Aina (love of the land) and Malama ‘Aina (taking care of the land). By learning perspectives specific to place, we are able to look to the past to shape the future because we have a better understanding of the aspects of life as well as the needs in stewardship of our community.


– Research your Congressional District Representative and their initiatives and identify the challenges your district is facing today. Take a step further and come up with solutions to those problems and contact your representative!

– Find a mele (song) that correlates to your community and reiterate the story in your own words.

– Identify your ahapua’a (land division) and its physical characteristics.

Research an era of Hawaiian history and identify how it has impacted the present day


Talk With A Kupuna (Blue Zones Project)

Resources & Examples

UH Manoa Library Collection on Hawaii Place Names

(Book) Place Names of Hawaii. Pukui, Mary Kawena, 1895-1986.; Elbert, Samuel H. (Samuel Hoyt), 1907-1997.; Mookini, Esther T.; 1976.

Native Books from Na Mea Hawai’i

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