Volunteer Week Hawaii 2018

2018 was the first year that Hawaii officially recognized National Volunteer Week (by legislative resolution), a week which has been supported annually by presidential proclamation since 1974. The focus of the week was to celebrate the impact of volunteer service across Hawaii, to have participated by sharing our mana and aloha, and encouraged others to join in. We partnered with events happening on every island and highlighted our collective impact for the greater good and fostered a shared sense of connectedness among us all. 

Volunteer Week 2018 was a great chance for us to kokua and support one another.

April 15th-22nd, 2018, was Volunteer Week Hawaii 

Volunteerism reminds us that sharing our aloha with others is foundational to a connected and healthy community.

A few key areas where the campaign made make a difference:

  1. It broadened and strengthened relationships between individuals, businesses and community organizations through volunteerism, sharing best practices and building capacity for better corporate citizenship and ongoing volunteer programs along the way
  2. It grew awareness through media exposure (television, radio, print, social media, etc) for the purpose of (1) increasing participation in volunteerism during the week itself, and (2) sharing the good deeds that take place in a way that instilled a sense of connectedness in those that were only be able to observe it from a distance

Volunteer Week Hawaii, it’s a kakou thing.        #volunteerweekhawaii #kanuhawaii #ohanahou

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