So many in the community are struggling now with overwhelm, confusion, and fear. For most, this is likely an addition to a radically new living situation due to shelter-in-place requests from our local and national leaders.

There are lots of things to consider, and lots of people offering good advice about how to remain grounded in these times. To help balance some of the negative feelings that impact most of us, we can also give ourselves a break and try to find joy to bring balance to our days, especially if we are living with children. Humor is a positive emotion that can help us tap back into feelings of positivity and connection.

Our team has gathered some delightful resources for people of all ages to bring some levity to your day! Do you have other suggestions? Please share with us by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram or using the hashtag #respondwithaloha

Enjoy Adorable Animals

There are few things cuter than baby animals, and the following links will help you find joy in the warm and fuzzy.

Free Games to Play Solo & Together

Stay entertained and social with many of these online games, mostly free (or low-cost).

Free Music & Concerts

Concerts and festivals have been canceled around the world, but lots of artists are offering free mini-concerts. Other organizations like the Metropolitan opera and Symphonies are offering free streaming too.

Art & Entertainment Activities

Art and activities to keep us seeking and creating beautiful things.

Totally Silly Things that make you LOL

Sometimes you just need to giggle at the seriousness of the situation.

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