Very few people on the planet have experienced a pandemic of this magnitude, and it makes sense the people are having very different – and very intense – reactions to the current state of the world.

It’s important to stay informed, it’s important to stay joyful, and to the best of our ability, it’s important to stay HEALTHY in mind and body.

In this article we’ll share some resources to help you stay well and keep your body moving. Physical activity is very healing, releasing a rush of healing, happiness-boosting, anxiety-relieving chemicals in our brain.

Perhaps most important though is to remember that you don’t have to do it all! With so many people working from home, or not at work, there is a false sense of extra time. And there has been an odd pressure from the media that we should ‘make the best’ of this time. And that’s great, if Corona quarantine is the time you write your first novel, compose a symphony, create a homeschool program for the kids, or cook gourmet meals every day and finally start your food blog … but maybe what you need is to relax with your family and friends. It’s also ok to just CHILL OUT.

Resources for All the Big Feelings

Anxiety, depression, and fear are common emotions during the best of times, and for many these feelings are likely amplified now. There are lots of ways to work with anxiety, including seeking professional help when needed.

Resources for Physical Fitness
If you’re able to get active, this can be very soothing for your nervous system and help you cope with anxiety and fear in a proactive way. Many studios and gyms are offering free classes online via apps. Now that the sun is back out in the Islands, there are lots of opportunities to walk on the beach, take a walk in the forest, or in our neighborhoods and reconnect with both Nature and the body. You can continue to self-isolate while outside by keeping your distance and following some rules. Other news sources say that if you do go out, act as if you have the virus and do your very best to not ‘spread’ the germs.

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