Month: April 2020

Trade Your Time for the Services you Need – Kokua Exchange

Across the islands, leaders and organizations have been mobilizing to ensure that the most vulnerable in our communities have the necessary care, food, and connection needed during this crisis.  As a community-focused organization, Kanu Hawaiʻi has created a COVID-19 response resource hub named Respond with Aloha. This website creates space for  individuals and organizations to…
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These days, all it takes is a simple scroll through our social media feeds to see that the world is in a flurry of news, confusion and panic. Many of us have been given the privilege of having more down time to work from home, spend time with our ʻohana and reflect on what to…
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Take Care of your Mind & Body During Corona Self-Isolation

Very few people on the planet have experienced a pandemic of this magnitude, and it makes sense the people are having very different – and very intense – reactions to the current state of the world. It’s important to stay informed, it’s important to stay joyful, and to the best of our ability, it’s important…
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