Blue ʻĀina Cleanup (Trilogy Excursions)

What We Do

In the 1920’s, two brothers, Eldon and Afton Coon, built a fishing boat in Port Townsend, WA, and set sail for Alaska. They eventually settled in the towns of Sitka and Ketchikan. Both married, raised families, and continued the Coon Brother tradition. But it was Eldon who carried on the family’s wanderlust.Operating a successful charter-boat business in Southeast Alaska, a fateful shipwreck in 1969 forced Capt. Eldon and wife Jeannette to sell their home, move south to Seattle, and, with the help of their adult sons Jim and Rand, and daughter Pattie, build another boat.

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Environmental Conservation

Blue ʻĀina Cleanup (Trilogy Excursions)

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