Mahalo for partnering with us on The Pledge To Our Keiki.

Your Pledge To Our Kaiki landing page will include 2 pages.

  1. Initial landing page where user reads and signs the pledge
  2. Mahalo page which user sees after signing the pledge, where we encourage them to take next steps (volunteer, donate, etc.)

You can view examples of each page by clicking the tabs below. The orange text is where you can place your own custom copy. Text will be white when published.

Here’s what we need from you. Required items in bold. You can upload these assets to your shared Kanu Google Drive Folder. If you get stuck and have questions or prefer to email assets you can reach out to

Pledge landing page

  1. Your logo in PNG format. Transparent or white background. 
  2. Additional partner logos if any (if you support another non-profit, etc.). Max 2.
  3. Link(s) for your / your partner logos if people click them (typically your homepage but you may have a social impact landing page, etc.)
  4. Brief statement why your org supports the pledge. Max 40 words. Will appear below pledge video after statement of how students created the pledge. 
  5. Up to 5 background photos landscape format (ideal dimensions 1500px x 1000px).
Example copy “why you support the pledge”  31 words – for main landing page

United Airlines and their employees – including the 1,000+ employees that call Hawai’i home – proudly support the Pledge and encourage you to read and sign the Pledge to our Keiki today.

Mahalo (next steps) page

  1. Images for gallery. Max 10. Show your org/people volunteering, at work, the impact you have on community, etc. These pics should show you leading by example.
  2. Copy to place between “Mahalo for your pledge” at top of Mahalo page and gallery below. Max 40 words.
  3. We show call to action links to volunteer or donate. Most orgs want both. If you only want one or to add an additional call to action (support a specific non profit etc.) let us know
  4. Up to 3 background photos landscape format (ideal dimensions 1500px x 1000px).
Example “Mahalo copy” 35 words – for mahalo page (seen after signing pledge)

While you enjoy the beauty of Hawaiʻi please kōkua (help) care for it. Thank you for joining United Airlines, Kanu Hawai’i, Conservation International, and all of those committed to preserving Hawaiʻi for generations to come.

Future generations are counting on us. Will you pledge to protect their Hawai‘i?

Students from multiple islands and local schools created The Pledge To Our Keiki. The Pledge is a commitment to respect and care for the island places that they call home so that future generations continue to enjoy all that Hawai‘i has to offer.

Our team at “Organization X” we value sustainability and community involvement. We’ve partnered with The Pledge To Our Keiki to encourage our employees, clients, and other partners to take ownership in our beautiful island home and collectively leave it better than we found it. (Max 40 words.)

“Keiki” (kē’-ī’-ki ) means “child” in Hawaiian.

Pledge To Our Keiki

From our elders we have learned we are part of the environment, not above it. The life, lands, and waters are more than just our surroundings, they are our family.

From our children we will learn that Hawai‘i is not inherited from our ancestors but borrowed from our future generations.

So when you are welcomed here, you become part of this ‘ohana that is responsible for us and our island home too. Just as we, nā keiki o ka ‘āina, the children of Hawai‘i, pledge to care for these islands, we ask that you make this pledge to us:

For a rare and endangered place, where a destructive foreign species is introduced every day… I will bring only what is invited and be mindful of where I explore.

For an island community that defines wealth not by what is kept, but what is shared… I will give my respect and leave what is not mine to take.

For an indigenous culture that has evolved with these islands, both unique and intertwined in their existence… I will experience sacred places and practices with a bowed head and open heart.

For this birthplace of aloha that typically welcomes more visitors than has residents… I will live aloha, tread lightly amongst this beauty and make it cleaner than I found it.

For a Hawaiian people whose ancestors sailed here using only the stars to guide them in search of islands to sustain them… I will learn from your legacy and support your ongoing voyage toward sustainability.


people have already pledged to protect Hawai‘i.

Will you join them?

Mahalo for your pledge! Now, let’s take action!

Customized thank you message goes here. Thank pledgers on behalf of your organization, encourage them to take action, or share another message. (Max 40 words)

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