What We Do

Our mission is to co-create a healthy, inclusive and productive farm-based community with homeless families, people with disabilities and youth.

Who We Are

Our mission driven work is grounded in the values of:

  • Mindfulness | Maka’ala

  • Empathy | Aloha

  • Working Together | Lokahi

Kahumana started as a community of people seeking an alternative method to creating a holistic world. Since its beginnings in 1974, Kahumana has grown to 5 distinct campuses on over 50 acres in the beautiful Lualualei Valley on the sunny west side of O’ahu.

Included in our diverse mix are folks from all walks of life: farmers, social workers, social entrepreneurs, people transitioning from homelessness, visitors, locals, youth, and people with disabilities, to name just a few.

We aspire to celebrate the bounty of Hawaii’s natural and cultural environment while also helping to address some of her most pressing needs.

A balanced, holistic approach is our goal. As individuals and as a team we look at the connections of mind, body, spirit, and community in health and healing.  As an organization, we evaluate our work by looking at the social, financial, and environmental outcomes of what we do. We also strive to better understand the spiritual side of life. This is expressed through the religious and spiritual traditions that we celebrate here

Cause Areas

Food Insecurity, Housing & Homelessness, Non Profit Support


Volunteer Opportunities