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What We Do

It is the mission of Helping Hands Hawai‘i® to provide critical social services to improve people’s quality of life and empower them on their path to a better tomorrow.

For thousands of local families and individuals each year, Helping Hands Hawai‘i means the difference between hope and despair, between sickness and health, between stagnation and growth. For these families and individuals, Helping Hands Hawai‘i defines a new quality of life — a chance to overcome the obstacles that block the way to meeting their full potential. It is the mission of Helping Hands Hawai‘i to develop community self-sufficiency and resilience by providing guidance, household goods and opportunities for empowerment and connection.

Helping Hands Hawai‘i® was officially incorporated in 1974 and evolved from the establishment of the Honolulu Council of Social Agencies’ Volunteer Placement Bureau in 1941. With a mission to connect individuals, families, and organizations with essential human and material resources, Helping Hands Hawai‘i® continues today to provide a vital lifeline for our local community – Helping its members to help one another.

Who We Are

Our agency prides itself upon being one of the most cost-efficient and effective non-profit organizations in the State. Through our strong partnerships with local social service providers and innovative approaches to service-delivery, Helping Hands Hawai‘i® keeps our administrative and overhead costs low to ensure that the majority of agency funding is dedicated towards direct service delivery for those individuals and families that need our help the most.

To achieve our mission, Helping Hands Hawai‘i® administers numerous programs, which benefit Hawai‘i’s people – including the Adopt A Family℠Bilingual Access Line℠Community Clearinghouse℠Emergency Assistance ProgramReady to Learn℠Representative Payee Services and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Outreach.  Our programs represent a full continuum of care for our clients. Separately, these programs represent distinct areas of need. Together, they work in concert to help all of Hawai‘i realize its fullest potential in a rapidly evolving, increasingly global society.

As a non-profit organization, the revenues that support Helping Hands Hawai‘i® come from a variety of sources. In addition to contracts with State agencies, grants from the local and national government, and the Aloha United Way, private, corporate and foundation gifts play a significant role in our ongoing success. The annual donors that contribute generously to our mission help to fuel our agency’s ability to meet the growing needs of our local community.

For more information about how you can support Helping Hands Hawai‘i® in our work, please call (808) 536-7234 or email us.

Cause Areas

Keiki, Kupuna, Food Insecurity, Housing & Homelessness, Education & Training, Advocacy, Community Engagement, Non Profit Support

Helping Hands Hawaii

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