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What We Do

Ikaika Hawaii offers a variety of programs for the youth of Hawaii to develop a positive, sustainable relationship with our ocean environment. Our three most prominent programs are the Watermans Academy, Squads Program, and Leadership Program. The foundation of Ikaika is Safe, Fun, Learning and all our programs are delivered with the ASPIRE Philosophy (Attitude, Sportsmanship, Perseverance, Individual Responsibility, Respect, Enjoyment & Enthusiasm).

We host the Watermans Academy every week of school holiday for keiki ages 6-14 to come gain skills and confidence in watersports such as kayaking, surfski, SUP, rowing, and more as well as ocean safety, skills and stewardship.

Our Squads program is an after school program that runs year-round and gives young athletes a pathway to holistically develop and even go on to compete at a high level in their paddle-sports in mainland and international competition.

Our Leadership program provides opportunities for youth and young adults to gain skills and confidence in positive leadership and teaching methods, teamwork, communication, and group organization while also gaining knowledge of ocean safety, skills & stewardship through hands-on water sport and leadership experience

Who We Are

WHAT IS IKAIKA HAWAII? Ikaika Hawaii’s mission is to perpetuate the Hawaiian Watermans Culture by providing safe, fun, learning opportunities for our youth. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who’s holistic programming empowers our participants to become champion people through watersport and ocean safety, skills, and stewardship development. From kids as young as 6-years-old just starting their watermans journey, to elite senior athletes representing Ikaika, Hawaii, and the United States in international competition, our programs are centered around personal growth and development of a positive, sustainable relationship with the water.

Ikaika Hawaii serves over 500 youth every year and provide scholarships so that any child who wants the opportunity to learn and grow in our programs can participate regardless of ability level, background, and financial situation. We are always looking for ways to build upon our programs and appreciate the support of donors and volunteers to make what we do possible.

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Keiki, Health & Wellness, Community Engagement

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