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Our goal is to cultivate cultural and ecological connectivity for all. The Olowalu Cultural Reserve is open for schools and other educational organizations to come and learn about the environment and the culture of the Native Hawaiian land and practices. Our team works hard to create a learning environment for people of all ages to participate in the continuation of the Hawaiian spirit. Our mission is to perpetuate the tradition and customary practices of kanaka maoli of these Hawaiʻi Islands and promote opportunities to regain the spiritual connection of hānai ‘āina of our ancestors by ensuring these beliefs and customs are passed down to future generations. To foster in longevity an intuitive comprehension of cultural and environmental connectivity through the educational practice of activities that honor Hawaiʻi’s heritage and will strengthen the community for generations to come.

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Keiki, Kupuna, Health & Wellness, Environmental Conservation, Cultural Preservation, Education & Training, Community Engagement

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