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Hawaiian culture is intimately connected to the native flora of our islands. Plants have been used for building, transportation, food, clothing, weapons, medicine and religion. Many of these plants are nearing extinction due to the massive influx of invasive plant and animal species to the Hawaiian Islands. Our primary goal is to reforest Honokowai Valley and the Kaanapali area with native and endemic Hawaiian plant species.

Archaeological Stabilization

Important cultural information is contained within the ruins of Honokowai Valley. MCL needs your help to stabilize this archaeological site for future generations.


Honokowai Valley provides an ideal setting for educational opportunities for the Hawaiian community, general public and visitor.


Who We Are

Maui Cultural Lands, Inc. (MCL) is a grassroots land trust organization. Our mission is to stabilize, protect and restore Hawaiian cultural resources—and the success of our efforts depends upon volunteers like you!

Edwin “Ed” Robert Naleilehua Lindsey Jr. and his wife Puanani established Maui Cultural Lands as a nonprofit organization in February 2002. A Native Hawaiian and lifelong school teacher, Uncle Ed had the goal of bringing in the people of Maui—both residents and visitors—to help with the restoration of Honokowai Valley.

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Environmental Conservation, Cultural Preservation, Non Profit Support

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