North Hawaii Hospice

What We Do

We believe in supporting people’s wishes to approach the end of life with a greater sense of empowerment, comfort, and peace. To this end, we provide compassionate, professional care at home for:

  • seriously ill patients and their families in their homes.
  • people seeking support with grief and bereavement.
  • people seeking education about end-of-life issues

Who We Are

For over 30 years North Hawaii Hospice has provided quality, compassionate services for patients and their families needing care and support during the final stages of life. Our team of expert, compassionate professionals is dedicated to supporting families in achieving the highest quality of life, comfort and dignity for those who wish to remain in their homes when they are facing a life-limiting illness and preparing for their transition from this earthly life to the next.

We believe that each of us deserves to be cared for by those who understand the emotional and spiritual turmoil that facing one’s end-of-life can bring; that each of us is entitled to live our last months/weeks or days in the setting of our choice, treated according to our beliefs and values.

Unlike other forms of care that focus only on the patient’s physical needs, North Hawaii Hospice also provides emotional and spiritual support for the patient and loved ones, as well as bereavement support for all of those affected for an entire year after the death.

Cause Areas

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