Make your own DIY reusable bags from old T-shirts

IMPACT – Why should you invest your time in this service project?

Plastic bags are made from toxic chemicals (oil and gas) and can take hundreds to thousands of years to break down. As they degrade overtime, those toxins leach into our environment and microscopic pieces continue to persist in our environment. Moreover, the cost to recycle plastic bags outweighs their value. This is another reason why most plastic bags find their way to landfills. Plastic bags are also very light and can easily end up in the environment and make their way to the ocean. An estimated 100,000 marine animals die every single year because of plastic bags. By reducing your plastic use and creating a reusable bag from an old t-shirt, you are diverting waste, saving the planet, and repurposing materials you already have instead of buying new ones!

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