Zero Waste IS our Kuleana

The concept of “zero waste” is essentially a circular economy. Instead of discarding resources, we create a system where all resources can be resumed fully back into the system. As in nature, there is no trash.

By planning with the end in mind, we can make the best decisions around how we create and resource things today so they contribute to the responsible future of tomorrow.

ZWO 2018 Summit: Deep Dive Session outputs; the beginnings of a ZW Plan for O’ahu

Zero Waste O’ahu
Welcome to a new vision for our island of Oʻahu. A Zero Waste vision built on the reachable goal of a lifestyle in which waste is not a mandatory component to our daily actions. Currently Hawai‘i residents produce double the national average of trash and our goal is to usher in a change that turns the tide, placing O‘ahu at the forefront of sustainable change.

Zero Waste O’ahu started in 2018 as a collaboration between organizations including Surfrider O’ahu Chapter, Sierra Club O’ahu Group, the Kokua Hawaii Foundation/Plastic Free Hawaii. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and Kanu Hawaii. While each of these organizations individually have a hand in waste diversion or clean-up, the idea was to support an umbrella entity whose only focus was on waste in all it’s forms (solid, recyclables, green/compost, e-waste, etc.) to better hold the conversation around a zero waste future for O’ahu.
ZWO Coordinator Nicole Chatterson leads the discussion at the July 2018 ZWO Summit

Zero Waste O’ahu
will continue to develop its own capacity, partnerships and focus with a few key goals being to (1) provide an organized and credible voice for zero waste strategies, (2) support education on and incite action around zero waste initiatives and (3) develop an educated and credible, community held zero waste plan for O’ahu to help guide institutional planning processes and decision making.

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Zero Waste Kauai

In addition to our work on O’ahu, members from Kanu Hawaii helped to launch Zero Waste Kauai back in 2009. This great community organization has been instrumental in helping to guide the waste conversation on the island of Kauai ever since. We continue to support Kauai in this effort and hope to see organized zero waste efforts on the other Hawaiian Islands in the future.

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